Footprint¹²³ (2022)

I leave a Footprint¹ when I am,
I leave a Footprint² when I walk,
I leave a Footprint³ when I don’t.

[1] ‘the amount of space that something fills or occupies’, [2] ‘an imprint left on a surface by a person’s bare foot or shoe’, [3] ‘a measure of the amount of the earth’s resources used by a person’

The consumer flatbed scanner functions as a mediator of transition, facilitating the process of archival of the physical into the digital. The more the scanner ‘works’ the less it’s ‘worth’ - as the progress of digitization moves towards the intangible. Storage rooms full of paperwork get reorganized into irreducible matter, leading to a perceptive distortion of scale. It becomes elementary to neglect the inner workings of the digital when hidden behind the curtains of their romantic idea.

Footprint¹²³ is scanner-like device that scans a Footprint² and generates speculative Satelite imagery from the source scan. The images aim to playfully interact with the ambiguity of their definition in relation to the evolving connotation of the term ‘Footprint’.