Orlando Helfer Rabaça

Current Intersections
Sense propagation systems through energy transformation.

[developing devices and structures that enable
the perception of light and sound through their opposites]

This project has been developed during the last year under the collaboration of Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya and Orlando Helfer Rabaça. The general idea of this project is the creation of a modular system for the distribution and amplification of sound sent by laser light. Our interest is focused on the development of a tool that has the ability to adapt to different contexts, and at the same time problematize sound and light as means of distribution and amplification of meaning. Under the idea of creating a tool that invites to think about the way we communicate, we have developed this artistic process where the technical exploration of analog resources of energy transmission has become a stimulant to reflect first: on the concept of relationship through sensory stimuli (such as light and sound) and second: on the notion of distance that exerts a force that intervenes and amplifies the transmission of meaning.

The urgency that the events of recent years have brought us have stimulated the realization of this project, which seeks to intensify the idea of connection from a system of transmission and communication based on light as a resource and distance as a problem.